Assigning Recipient policy to OU (Organizational Units) Exchange 2003

Is it possible to assign a Recipient Policy to an OU?

I have my company broken down into several departments (OUs), with each having their own email address/domain.

I would like everyone to be able to receive emails from multiple addresses, but would like to specify their default email the same as their department.

i.e./eg  :

The main domain is, but I would like the Sales and Parts OUs to have and  So Joe in parts would receive mail sent to, and, but his default/outgoing email would be

(It makes more sense with the real company/departments, but this will do for an example)

Is this possible?

I can do it easily enough if I turn off 'Auto Update' and assign the default address manually, but would like to be able to do it automatically (based on the OU).


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The easiest way to do this would be to add Custom Attributes to each user, then generating the Recipient Policies based on that.

For example, set each Sales user's Custom Attribute1 to "Sales" then apply the recipient policy for "" to filtered users with that attribute.

When you add a new user for Sales, simply copy an existing one and the new one will inherit the Custom Attribute.

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tnormanAuthor Commented:
I did something similar, but just putting 'Sales' or 'Parts' in the description of the user in ADUC...

Thanks for your time,

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