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Ideas for what to use as backup hardware for servers?

Hello.  I work for a company and right now they are backing up their data to a 75gb hard drive and its almost out of space.  Does anyone have any ideas as to what I can use to backup their data?  Should I buy a bigger backup hard drive like 1TB?  or should i back up their data to blue ray media or should I back it up to a tape drive?  What are some of your ideas?

They are using backup exec 9.0.
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The hard disk is the least expensive of the options and very reliable, its major drawback is it doesn't usually leave the site. If a geographical catastrophe were to hit your site the backup would most likely be destroyed. This is the number one reason for a tape backup, their major drawback is cost, more expensive than a hard drive. Backing up to CD, DVD and not sure about Blue-Ray can be a problem if the depth of the directory structure surpasses the length allowable for CD, DVD, Blue-Ray(?) technology.
hey bwjohnson,

Are you backing up 1TB every night, or is that the total space you want for future expandability, also to be truly safe, to cover you back, if any happens I would buy a media safe-which is designed specifically for media such as floppies, CD/DVD's, Hard Drives ect. Damage to computer media occurs as low as 125º F. During a fire this type of a safe will maintain a interior temperature as low as 125°F and 80% humidity. Any type of media in a regular Fire safe will end up warping due to the interior tempeture being higher than 125°F    http://www.costco.com/Browse/Product.aspx?Prodid=11090711&whse=BC&Ne=4000000&N=4012466&in_dim_search=1&cm_re=1_en-_-Top_Left_Nav-_-Top_search&No=2&Mo=5&Nr=P_CatalogName:BC&lang=en-US&Sp=C&search=safe&topnav=

Again you are talking about small situations. My home computer has 4 400GB SATA drives (1.6TB). That      is easily backed up. Tape storage is unlimited. Change the tape and you have another 400GB. Whan a                            large company backes up 15-20TB a night in several DC's disk is out. Even single instance storage is out                                         because of the complexity. If i needed 1-5TB backup, then I would do a hot swappable sata II, like this one http://www.aberdeeninc.com/abcatg/STIRLING-X30.htm click on configure to see what you can you, it cost 2,000 dollars, If you really wanted to save money, I would look at the specs and then diy, use newegg and pricewatch.com. Also backup twice, but put one of the backed up drive in the media safe, so that it is safe from fire and water, now earthquake and magnetism is whole another game, hope this helps.


You are talking about less data then I have at the house.


The company has to backup about 30GB of data every day.  Is it more ethical to buy a 1TB hard drive and back up 30gb per week to that or do something else?  Also, can I just replace the 75GB drive they have now with the new 1TB one? Thanks
The drive that you're using now, is it an internal drive or external? What is the technology of the current drive , is it IDE or SATA?

Having two new external drives will allow you to swap the drives out so that one drive can remain off-site at all times.


The 75gb drive now is external.  Not sure if it is sata or ide though.
The external enclosure is very inexpensive so replacing your existing drive is just a matter of getting another external enclosure and hard drive. Most newer enclosures are SATA based so make sure you get a SATA drive. You can buy these already assembled I am sure. Remember if you get two you can rotate the backup and keep one off-site. If you do decide to rotate make sure what you buy has solid designed connectors because you will be unplugging and plugging all the time, a cheap connector won't hold up for long in this scenario.

With a 30gb backup USB 2.0 would be a minimum requirement for a efficient backup. You might want to consider adding a firewire port to your server and buying firewire enclosures for even faster backups. A little more expensive.


Okay thanks.  My other question is based on my lack of knowledge haha.  How does this exactly work?  30 GB has to be backed up every day, but say I did a weekly backup...doesnt that mean in about 6 months I will need a new 1TB hard drive again?

Are we talking about a Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2003 Small Business Server or just an XP Pro computer?

As far as your question goes the backups need to be setup on a rotation type basis. You will need to define a backup everyday based on your answer to my above question. Most small companies only keep a weekly backup and maybe a monthly backup. What this means is lets say we create a backup job called Monday, it will run every Monday and will overwrite the previous weeks file. So your not getting a continual accumulation on your backup drive, the only increase in size to your backup will be the new files added to your server. Unless your company requires a full backup everyday that cannot be overwritten, very unusual.


Hmm interesting..

They are running Windows 2003 Small Business Server and windows 2000 server on a different machine.
Here is one of the best tutorials I have seen for using the backup program that comes with Windows Server 2003.


The Small Business Server comes with a backup wizard located in the Server Management application that also can assist in setting up your backups. I'm not sure if Windows Server 2000 has this or not.

Because external drives are not expensive you should run separate backups for each server, get an external drive or two for both servers. A 1TB drive is really overkill for your scenario, a 500gb would be adequate.

Setting up your backups is very crucial to your business, please come back after you have decided and setup your backups and ask more questions to ensure that your backup is solid.


Okay, will do.  Thank you so much for all your help!!


Can anyone give me any information on how to create a rotating backup with one drive off-site?  How to set it up etc...

I currently have my main backup drive setup using backup exec 9.1.  


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