How do I REQUIRE a password to open Outlook 2007?

I want to REQUIRE a password to be entered every time I open Outlook 2007. I use Windows Vista Ultimate for my op sys.  Is this possible? If so, how do I accompish this?
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war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Need-a-Clue, yes, you can password protect Outlook 2007 PST file. Backup your PST file first.
I don't think it is possible to require a password to load Outlook, it is allowed to password protect the email account itself. Microsoft recommends password protected the windows login account. If the Outlook is linked to an Exchange account you may have more options for security. Perhaps there may be a third party solution to this but I have not searched the Internet for it.
Hello Need-a-Clue,

You can create a password for Outlook data file, PST.

Hope this helps!
Need-a-ClueRESEARCHERAuthor Commented:
rhythmluvr, I haven't tried any 3rd party solution either. Might have to.
war1  HELLO to you! Your suggestion does not mention my version of Outlook. It is 2007. Do you think I should attempt it or, best left to another solution? Oh, CONGRATS on your AMAZING POINTS!!
Need-a-ClueRESEARCHERAuthor Commented:
Well, there you go again! You did it. Thanks!!
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