How to delay the audio 1 to 2 second in a movie?

I have vista ultimate x64, pentium 2.16G and 4 gig of ram.
 i have download many movie from internet. there r someone where the audio dont match with video. i mean i hear the audio around 1 to 2 second before then the guy move his lips in movie. it happen with many video file downloaded. i have asked to many people who have download theses videos, and they said it work perefect in theire pc. i even have redownload the movies. but still i hear the sound first then video.
I want to know is there any programe or a player which can delay the audio 2 second?
i have download VirtualDUb, but i dont know how to use.
I aslo have used many different player like, VLC player, AVS DVd Player, Real Player, WMP, WMcenterPlayer.
please let me know as soon as possible.
thanks u very much.
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sounds like  latancy issues, that is your video card is not good enough to run the frame rates in the video and not sufficient ram or processor speeds.
Using Vista something is hogging your VM.
How much ram do you have? 1 gig or more
how fast is your procesor? 3.2GHz
What is the video card?
I have download VirtualDUb, but i dont know how to use.<< you dont need to use VDub its not a problem with the video but your OS.
Do you have Norton system works installed?
Norton uses a lot of system resources and ram.
Please check to ensure that your system meets the minimum system  requirements for the player.
video playback is extremely CPU intensive
 If your CPU is running at or above about 75% you will likely encounter issues with sluggish or choppy playback. You can check your CPU usage by hitting Ctrl+Alt+Del and then selecting "Task Manager". CPU usage percentages are listed under the "Performance" tab. You can reduce your CPU usage by closing other programs and background services which you have running at the same time .

using Windows Vista, you can use ReadyBoost to speed up your system.
stanzanetAuthor Commented:
i dont think its a case of CPU, because my PC is very powerful and brand new system. I have Intel CORE DUE 2.16 (double cpu), 4 GIg of ram of same mark, brans new mother board with his latest update, the graphic chipset is intel Q963/Q965. if the problem was from GC, then other video that i download from net should have the same problem, but they work fine. i have 4/10 video that r not matching sound and video.
i dont need to boost my vista, because it work very fast and just install it before a couple of week.
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stanzanetAuthor Commented:
i dont have norton antivirus, i have Windows LiveOne Care.
stanzanetAuthor Commented:
right now the CPU is running on 10 to 30%.
your comments are bit confusing,
Your title question asks>> How to delay the audio 1 to 2 second in a movie.
So do you want to delay the audio?

 is this a new system or a fresh install? Or both?
just install it before a couple of week.<<
Is this your own build? Any problem devices?

 I have Intel CORE DUE 2.16 (double cpu),
because you have a dual-core  audio and video playback speeds are often a problem have you installed drivers for it.
Don't know exactly if this is a problem Vista or Vista x64, but it's a common problem in XP

 have vista ultimate x64 << x64 maybe the problem too, trying to run 32 bit programs on a 64 bit wont work.
>> I aslo have used many different player like, VLC player, AVS DVd Player, Real Player, WMP, WMcenterPlayer. Maybe you have too many players lol, are they all 64 bit compatible?
FFdhsow does not run kindly with Vista

The other systems you tested the same video on are they also running the same OS Vista Ultimate x64?

Try this
if your playing the movies in WMP go to tools options  performance and reduce the video acceleration.
See if this fixes it.
Some of these movies maybe divx or a different source and you dont have a suitable player for vista x64.
 I know some DivX files will do this when you don't have the proper codec installed.

VistaCodecs x64Components 1.3.6

stanzanetAuthor Commented:
yes i want to to delay the audio,
its a fresh install but it is the same windows that i have before, i just wipe my HDD and reinstall a new copy. its not fake, i bought it.
i dont think that the cpu (dual-core) have something related with audio and video problem while playing. if so, then all of my video should have the same problem.
I dont think the problem is vista, because bill gate should not release the OS if there is a any bit problem. now, there are million people on planet who have the OS, and i talk with someone who have this windows and they said it work fine.  
even my other player r not x64 bit, its ok. but WMP is x64 bit and he is supposed to play with any problem, so thats mean, the problem is not comming from player, i download all other player when i found this problem. i thougt maybe it should work fine with other player but not.
i even download the  vista codecs, but nothing.
sorry for any bad word.
stanzanetAuthor Commented:
i am just tired up because of this problem
If you want to use Vitual dub here is a guide
de-laying an audio track - solving video before audio and audio before video issues
stanzanetAuthor Commented:
I get this message while cliking on 'proxyon' in the directory of 'Aviproxy'.
''All given were not entered in the register correctly. Some key is opened by the sysytem or by another process.''
i install the handler by clicking on 'auxsetup' and it say 'Avifile frameclient install successful'.
I dont think virtual dub will edit a vob
there is Virtuadub mod which supports mpeg2
''All given were not entered in the register correctly<< because you have just one vob? copied off a DVD?
You can't use one VOB copied off a DVD.
 You need to de crypt the dvd first this extracts  the vobs off the DVD  and into mpeg2.
One of the best DVDDecrypter tool, it enables you to decrypt and copy DVDs to your HD. Demultiplex DVD to separate audio, video and subtitle streams.

Do you have just the one Vob?<<<
convert it to mpeg2
See if this helps you

Frameserving allows VirtualDub to stream data directly to another application without going through an intermediate file. However, it can be difficult to get working.
stanzanetAuthor Commented:
no no,
my video is not from dvd or not a dvd.
its a avi file of 698 Mb. that's it.
check this link for his detail.
oh thankyou you are trying to fix an audio out of sync porblem ..
it was difficult to understand you.
stanzanet take a look below this panel can see ATTACH FILE? add your jpeg or small snaps here.
Ok starting again:
I'll tell you step by step
using virtual dub,
you need to extract  the audio out of the avi and the mux it back in again, put the AVI in a new folder give it a name and save your files from the audio extracts to this folder as well, keep everything in one folder.
Virtual dub nandub will find them
make sure you have the necessary tools first. Read the guide then download the tools and it will all fall into place..
 the tools download page Useful software
Tools needed virtual dub
Download Nandub
Nandub 1.0RC2 - SBC encoding utility
Create a new folder drop nandub into it and extract there.

There is 2 options for extracting the audio first:
Extract AC3 audio from an AVI..
Start up Nandub, press Control-O to load the AVI file, then set audio to direct stream copy,
Now select File - Save WAV.
Now we're not quite done yet. The AC3 file we've just extracted contains a WAV header so any AC3 processing application would complain that the file is invalid. In order to fix that you have to run BeSliced, drag&drop the file onto the small BeSliced window and select Fix File! from the menu that will show up.
look here at the guides for this section>>Extract AC3 audio from an AVI
Extract MP3 audio from an AVI
Start up VirtualDub, press Control-O to load the AVI file, then set audio to full processing mode.
 Now select File - Save WAV.

look here at the guides for this section>>Extract MP3   audio  from an AVI
 to determine the delay,  you can use Media Player Classic

Open  the avi in it, and then right-click on the video and go Options->Audio Switcher->(check) Audio Time Shift (ms): and  ticker with the delay until you get one that looks good.

Then set that delay in AC3 Delay Corrector
Then mux everything back together

 You can also use  AVIMuxGUI  extract the audio
 use belight to encode to CBR MP3 and mux it again

stanzanetAuthor Commented:
thanks for everything,
i follow like u said,
i extract the audio, it show his lenght is 2 h 09 and 49 second.
if i check the origininal avi, the length is 2 h 10 and 7 second.
is it normal,
stanzanetAuthor Commented:
when i drag and drop the extraced audio in BeSliced, it just open a new windows with a picture of old man. ((i even dont know who s this, 'just joke'))
there s no menu,
stanzanetAuthor Commented:
i set the delay in Media Player Classic, but it does change nothing, i mean, it play like before without any CHange.
stanzanetAuthor Commented:
when i try to use AC3 Delay Corrector,
it does n't even found the file. like i put the avi original and the extracted audio in a new folder on desktop. when i open AC3 i click on Browse of source file, then i open the folder on desktop where the files are located, but it show me a empty folder, u can see here:
stanzanetAuthor Commented:
sorry if i distrub u
stanzanetAuthor Commented:
the first problem of lenght of the audio if ok, now it show me the full lenght, so just ignor it
stanzanetAuthor Commented:
No you dont disturb me at all I just want to help you as simply as possible. Once you have done this it will be easy from there.
It just seems to be hell for you, this task is pretty simple
Use copies of your avi only. Not the original.

Look I'll give you another small tool comes in very handy, Gspot is an avi analyser and tests teh avi for what codecs were used to create it what audio codecs used. And if there is a problem with it.

Are you running VISTA?
Could be problems there straightup some programs dont run in Vista and you'll have to run in compatibility mode..

hahah that's correct you'll see a small image of a man in the BeSliced
It saves the file to the  same location as Besliced
You dont have to do that I dont think anyway, just go to step two
 you have extracted the audio mp3/ out now lets mux it back

Start up Nandub and load your video (Control-O). Then set video to direct stream copy (Video - Direct Stream Copy).
Now you have to load the MP3 file. To so so simply select (VBR) MP3 audio from the audio menu which brings up a selection window where you can select the MP3 file.
Make sure audio is also set to Direct Stream Copy, then press F7 and save the AVI under another name then the file you loaded at the beginning. If the audio is asynch after joining read how to make it synch.
Manual Synching

If your still confused let me confuse more :P
This is even simpler please use a copy of the original avi only.

here is a step by step guide

you can upload your images here just use the attach file below
stanzanetAuthor Commented:
i did like u said, but where i should set the delay? i have mix the extracted audio and avi, but it become a new file like before with no change.
you must see "delay [ms]" showing on the right side of the window.
stanzanetAuthor Commented:
I dont understand one thing,
U told me to split the audio from AVI, i did, i get a new audio file of around 1.37G. that's only Audio.
so the AVI is still original with audio/video. i dont have any other copy after splitting the audio from.
after u said to mix the splitted audio with AVI,
Tell me now, in WHICH software i should mix them, because AC3 Delay Corrector doesn't found the files that i should mix.
If i set the delay with AVIMux_GUI, so why i split the audio. because when i add the avi file and click on generate data, it doesn't even ask me to add the splitted audio.
 its getting more and more confus here,
dont mind!
stanzanetAuthor Commented:
i dont know what is exacte delay, because in mplayerc, audio switcher doesn't work
Hi stanzanet, I apologise for my absense as work often calls me away.
 this is becoming very lengthy.
As I said in my first post I believe it is a problem with your OS.

I have vista ultimate x64, pentium 2.16G and 4 gig of ram.<< is this a Media Center?
You have confirmed that you installed all the codecs for Vista 64 including the divx.

I aslo have used many different player like, VLC player, AVS DVd Player, Real Player, WMP,
WMcenterPlayer.<< windows media center player?.. How did you get windows media center player?
Is your OS a windows media center?

Then you are having media issues. The player with the playback issues doesn't like the brand/type of media that you are using,  
Is your Vista giving you any errors?
This would greatly assist.
I think all this attempt at delayng muxing the audio back in  is just wasting your time and is not the real solution.
Vista uses directx 10 some times this causes a problem with video playback/ some games in Vista, rolling the directx back to 9 can fix some issues with video playback.

Did you use Gspot to check the codecs used to make this avi?
If this has divx or some other we never can know with movies downloaded.
Coudl just be the movie.
Please drop one of your avi onto Gspot and check what codecs were used, it will analyse the avi and give you a green line if you have the codecs installed to play it.
Please let me know also this is very simple to do.

divx player

stanzanetAuthor Commented:
when u install Windows Vista Ultimate, then everything is inside already, this version have everything that the other edition have, like( vista home premium, vista buisness, vista Enterprise and vista Home Basic).
I dont get  any problem with Vista, and it s not a downloaded copy from internet, i bought the original DVD from a store.
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Free Image Hosting at" /></a>
stanzanetAuthor Commented:
there is only 3 links
What was the results of the gspot analyser?
I dont doubt  Vista comes with everything   :)
Vista also has an enormous amount of digital lisenses and requires certificates to play just about anything.
With its inbuilt services it scans and monitors everything you do.;1965504867;fp;2;fpid;2

 you still have to download codecs too.
Download Vista Codec Package
Vista Help

Are you playing the avi on full screen?
Are you on a network?
What other programs/ web pages/ software/downloading are you running when playing the video?

stanzanetAuthor Commented:

i play it on fullscreen or not, its samething,
i have internet,
i have only live care one and utorrent and msn messenger running behind.
stanzanetAuthor Commented:
i dont have any DRM-protected content,
if uTorent is running in the background check this, in utorrent open the Completed folder and check if your file is sitting in there, once a download is completed it moves it to there and then you are seeding which means people are uploading it from you.
 if there is a lot of clients accessing your file.uploading it may also cause the file to play with studders.

thanks for Gspot image, see it is in the red which means you dont have the codec to play it.
awe the time we could have saved if you had just done that, this file is an xvid mpeg4.
 Different encoders use different FourCCs to identify MPEG-4 content in AVI files, with DIVX, XVID, DX50, and FMP4 being most common.
Theres a Xvid quicktime plugin available but its been created for Mac and is not well maintained at the moment.
What it is
XviD Codec

window media player mp4 codec
stanzanetAuthor Commented:
which one of them i should download?

Parent Directory                                     -  
      gcc/                            19-Jul-2007 14:57    -  
   XviD.cvs.head.MTK.exe           25-Jul-2007 06:26  509K  
      xvid.cvs.head.MTK.2007.07.25.7z 25-Jul-2007 06:26  441K  
      xvid.cvs.head.MTK.2007.06.29.7z 28-Jun-2007 23:04  386K  
      XviD-1.1.3.exe                  28-Jun-2007 22:25  432K  
      XviD-                   28-Jun-2007 22:13  370K  
      xvid.cvs.head.MTK.2007.03.10.7z 10-Mar-2007 04:02  335K  
      xvid.cvs.head.MTK.2006.12.20.7z 19-Dec-2006 19:18  321K  
      XviD.cvs.head.exe               08-Nov-2006 00:12  363K  
      XviD-1.1.2.exe                  03-Nov-2006 04:14  354K  
      xvid-                   03-Nov-2006 04:12  307K  
stanzanetAuthor Commented:
Anotherthing, if see again the gspot image, you will see in the video section( top on right) it say codec's are installd, even in the audio section (bottom on left) it say codec's are installd.
stanzanetAuthor Commented:
the video file is not in the shared folder,
it s not getting shared.
The red arrow states it is either not compatible with your sysetm or has a problem.
You need full green arrow.
Is the avi you added to virtual dub?
Codecs don't always act like you want them to. If you can play a file, it doesn't mean you can convert it or use it in a video editing environment
Read the whole thing

XviD64-setup.exe                14-May-2006 06:54  863K  
stanzanetAuthor Commented:
so why it say the codecs are installed?
itry with another file which is video file, it work fine, i check in gspot, and its still show a red bar. but this file work very fine.
stanzanetAuthor Commented:
i also installled the codecs that u told me by the links, its doesn't solve the problem
I dont know why the audio is delayed stanzanet, if you play the video then stop it or pause it start again does that synch it again?
Open Gspot drop your avi on, wait,
then go down to proposed codec solutions and tests.
beneath MS A/V
Click on the number 2
Pressing the square button with number 2 on it tests the actual playing of the file in the GSpot monitor. If it looks and sounds good, it passes the tests

Did you check is it still loaded in Utorrent?
Looking at your Gspot snapshot the video was rendered in Virtual dub so it's still in the raw stage using the codecs Xvid mpeg4.
stanzanetAuthor Commented:
i install a new codec: 3ivX MPEG4 CODEC v5.0.1.208 PRO
and look the image now: <a href="" target="_blank">
stanzanetAuthor Commented:
the color line u see on top on left, it change the color automatically, before it was rose and now it change back to green,
stanzanetAuthor Commented:
i install a new one: ffdshow-rev1840_20080202_xxl
stanzanetAuthor Commented:
after installig ffdshow, u can see, it completley green,
stanzanetAuthor Commented:
now one thing clear, its not a problem of codecs, everything is there.
take a look in the proposed codec solutions and tests.
User data metada
 virtual dub mod, is this the avi you  have muxed the audio in?
Well done if you figured how to do this.

Have you rebooted?
Then tried different players using the original avi?

Well where to go from there?
Convert it to a different form such as WMV?

stanzanetAuthor Commented:
i download all the codecs which was proposed in gspot,
i didn't mix nothing in virtual dub.
i reboot the system after installing all new codecs,
lol wish you could send me the video to test it/
I'm all out of ideas stanzanet, you certainly have been patient and must have learnt a few new tricks.
if you feel up to it convert it to WMV this way it will change the meta data of virtual dub and may fix any audio problems within it.
It will also remove the Xvid mpeg4

Super video converter is very fast.

install super, hope it runs on your system okay.
r/click it anywhere and choose Output file saving management and choose a location, I like the desktop for easy access and can move it later.

drop the avi onto it
it will land on the correct panel, note Super has 3 panels
Green  Video
Blue Audio
Red output.
In the top first panel Select output container
Choose WMV, it will fill in the right  video output codecs and  Audio for you based apon the best recomended. I trust this and has always done a good job.

If you wish to change the video scale size make it smaller 720X480 is good,
I would leave them all as is unless you want mono
 128 is good for the bitrates.
then just hit encode takes about 10 minutes or less.
stanzanetAuthor Commented:
Ok i m gonna convert it and i let u know if it solve it.
by the way U can download it from here, but u need to register,
stanzanetAuthor Commented:
it wont to convert,

i try with another file which has the audio problem and after 5 to 10 minute i get this message for the both file.
stanzanetAuthor Commented:
it happen with third file:
stanzanetAuthor Commented:
i check directshow decode, but, check by ur self,
Errors messages good, Super is a  good tool to analyze the vido file aspects,
 read the whole error for the direct show the reason  maybe the video scale size  is too small,  for WMV  I use 384X288
the audio has a bad header as stated. Corupted segment data or truncated file etc.
Good idea tro look at the possible causes
Low disc space< needs a disc cleanup of TEMP files and defrag? How long since you defragged and ran a disc cleanup?
slow PC> possiblyy caused if running Limewire.
Limewire is a bad tool  you should consider uninstalling it high risk of spyware
Have you scanned for any spyware?

 (  Ram Drainage << maybe caused by having too much ram onboard> 4 gig of ram is a considerable amount and not needed.

CPU overload or user interruption, such as lots of other activity while its downloading/ converting
 too many back ground programs running when downloading.

Thanks for posting the snaps clears it a bit, sorry for the delay we have storms and lost the internet for 24 hours.

stanzanetAuthor Commented:
i almost dont use limewire, i clean my pc atleast once a week for virus and spyware, and it show every thing is ok, the free disk space is still more then 250G. and there is absolutly no problem with ram.
cpu is never overloaded, when i use SUPER, then i close all programm almost.
maybe its not good idea  to convert in WMV,
stanzanetAuthor Commented:
if u know a programe which can delay audio while playing, u can tell me even its not a free programme. i will buy it. or if there is a something that can help me realy and it s not free, u can also tell me, i can manage to buy them.
we already passed much time and its not getting solve the problem,
I agree it doesnt look good, know when to give up stanzanet.
This can  happens if the video is downloaded off P2P and is not fuly completed.
I have experienced it occassionally when the source says 100% completed but it is not.
Could be just unlucky for you.
You mention your friends have downloaded the same file and it works I suggest they burn it to disc and send you a copy.
 You can't repair a broken header in an audio file within a avi woudl require a lot of work also need to know the specs of the original video the source file,
 personally I think your just wasting your time.
Try this if you still wish to pursue.

 big effort on your behalf I comend you for that  sorry I have no further ideas.
I took a look at the site thanks for the offer but no thanks
All the best with it stanzanet


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stanzanetAuthor Commented:
ok budy no problem,
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