Installing BES with Exchange 2007

As a result of RIM removing support for their mail connector, I am being forced to install Blackberry Professional Software Express which as I understand it is BES Express under a diffferent name?

I wanted to install it on the same server as Exchange 2007 but I gather from other posts that BES is not compatible with x64 Windows Server 2003, so I assume the same is true for Blackberry Professional Software Express? (I did try the install before abandoning it and the only thing is complained about was the Mapi/ CDO not the OS variant?!)

The trouble is the other Windows 2003 Server I have has MS Office 2007 installed don it (no leactures about installing  applications on server platforms as we are a small company and need to use our servers for multiple purposes :-)).  Mapi and CDO won't install on a server that has outlook on it so I'm stuffed

Any suggestions other than go buy another server?

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stuknhawaiiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
How about a virtual server? If one of your servers isn't overloaded you could use Msft Virtual Server (free) and load a Virtual Server and install BES on there.
Paul197466Author Commented:
I nearly suggested that but then thought people might laugh :-)

If there are no other proposed solutions then I think I'll try that

I have several client that run vm's, both Msft and VMware. They work great and save on $$$ !!!
Gary CutriConnect With a Mentor Data & Communications SpecialistCommented:
Below is a link to a simple install guide that I wrote for BES & BB Pro and Exchange 2007.

As mentioned above I would also use VMware to host a virtual server.  To get you up and runnning teh free "VMware Server" is perfect, you can find more information here:

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