Outlook 2003 Configuring Office 2007

I had some problems with incompatibility between Outlook 2003 and Office 2007 caused, I thought, by the wrong installation order. I have therefore rebuilt the PC so it can be taken that these problems relate to a clean PC.

Installed Office 2003. Word, Outlook and Access only. I included Word 2003 not because I want it but in a previous build, Outllook wanted to configure 2003 when it was not  installed! At that time only Word 2007 was available.

Having installed those three programs, I ran Outlook and it worked correctly.

Then after a reboot I installed Office 2007 Home and Student Edition, all components. The I rebooted again and ran Outlook 2003. For every inward email it goes through a cycle. First it say it is configuring Office 2007 (Word is not set to be the editor) and then it pops up a dialogue saying that Word is open (it is not and has not been since the reboot). You have to allow it to close Word and it allows one email through and then opens Word 2007 (blank doc). You close Word and then it cycles through that for every email. Obviously that is not viable.

This is under Vista. I have the same configuration under XP Pro where it asll works with no trouble.

I have taken restore points after first building the PC, after adding Office 2003 and after adding Office 2007.

Any suggestions, other than upgrading to Outlook 2007 which I assume would fix the problem?

My knowledge of Outlook is minimal at this level but I am PC proficient and can rebuild a system.
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Do you have the latest service packs installed for Outlook (Office) 2003?
Hello PeterGrainge,

Do you have two Outlook running, Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007?   You cannot run two Outlook at same time.  

Do you have two MS Word running, MS Word 2003 and MS Word 2007?  Outlook gets confused when you have two Word programs running.

If you want to use Outlook 2007, you should upgrade everything to Office 2007.

Hope this helps!
PeterGraingeAuthor Commented:

No I don't. That is also true of the XP installation that is the same but without this problem.


Outlook 2007 is not on the machine. I don't have a copy of that, hence wanting to retain Outlook 2003.

Where I want to be is with Outlook 2003 working on a PC that has Office 2007 (excluding Outlook 2007) on a Vista machine in the same way I have under XP Pro.
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In Outlook 2003, set Word as editor. Save change.  Restart Outlook. Disable Word as editor. Save change.  Restart Outlook.  Do you still get the prompt for Word 2007?

If you still get the prompt for Word 2007, then you need to delete Word 2007 and install Word 2003.  or delete Outlook 2003 and install Outlook 2007.
PeterGraingeAuthor Commented:
I have just tried that and it is a step forward in that it now just gives the message about configuring but does not give the warning about Word running (even though it is not) and then opening Word. However it still give the configuring message for each email.

I cannot delete Word 2007 as my key application professionally will only run with that. I am willing to upgrade to Outlook 2007 if necessary. The only thing bothering me is why this should be necessary when it all works under XP. Why not under Vista?
Windows XP and Vista are different operating systems.  So interaction of Office programs are different.
PeterGraingeAuthor Commented:
I finally found the answer.

I had resigned myself to buying Outlook 2007 and confident that would fix it, I went ahead with installing my software on the new PC. I also ran all the updates. This morning I was prompted for more updates and Office 2003 SP3 was listed. Installed that and some other non related updates and decided it was worth another try. Problem resolved!

Thanks to everyone for trying to resolve this. Answer posted in the hope it will help someone else.

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Peter, glad the problem is solved.
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