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No video imput, Help Please

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Last Modified: 2013-12-10
I have a E-machine model W6409.  I have 3 ghz processor, 1.5 ghz of RAM, 720 gb of hard drive.  It came with 128mb on board video card. I upgraded the sound card to go with my 7.1 surrond system.

Everything worked fine for along time,  One day I tried to turn it on and it would not work.   The monitor said that there was no imput.  I tried another monitor and  the same problem.  I tried another video card and the same problem.  Please help me find a solution for my puter.  I miss it.
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Do you get any indication of power - power on light, caps lock light on the keyboard, hard drive spin, any led's on the motherboard, any beep codes?
power on lights turns on, cpu fans turns on, i see the dvd  drives both light up, and the keyboard lights up,.  I don't hear any beep codes.


Did you try a different monitor cable?
yea.  I tried 2 monitors. each has its own cable.  I also tried both monitors with both video cards.  nethir will work

Did you disable the onboard video card in bios?
I cannot get bios up because the monitor says there is no imput.  This is the whole problem.  I wonder if it some problem because its an e-machine.  Could it be the CPU?  

Sorry about that.  eMachines are extremely proprietary, that's their biggest problem.  If it were the cpu you'd get a beep code.  Of course a bad video card should give you a beep code, so that tells me  that the video card is bad on the output side.  It seems our options are limited.
yea.  its probley not the video card because I tried a second video card that I know works.  but something still isn't working.  Any suggestions ?

The 2nd video card won't work until the onboard card is disabled.
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try to boot with the minimum : mobo + cpu + 1 ram stick, video card, PS --> any display? if NO it is one of the connected, swap 1 by 1
of Yes, add devices till the bad one is found
Check also for bapcaps ::    www.badcaps.net
ok i will try this today.  I will leave some info about the results as soon as Im done.  Thank you
Ok.   Problem is fixed. It was the sound card.  Computer booted with the minumum.  Mobo +ram+cpu=video card.  I added others until the sound card.  Then the computer would not boot

This means the sound card is bad?  Should I throw it away?

I will wait for you to anwer this question (if you can) then I will award you the points.  Thanks for you help 2pifl and nobus.

Good Work thank s a million.   Johngoodheart@cox.net
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>>  This means the sound card is bad?  Should I throw it away?   <<  yes to both

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