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bypass passwords

cpain143 asked
I hope someone can help me with this, my brother gave me his old computer that he hasn't used in a long time. My problem is I can not use it either because he can not remember his username & password that he had at that time. I cannot get pass the login screen. And he doesn't have his Windows XP cd for that computer anymore. I cannot afford to buy a new Operating System cd right now to try to reinstall windows. Is there anyway I can get around this login somehow.
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You can use the methods on this page to reset the inbuilt Administrator password.
Then you will be able to set up your own user account(s) as you please.


 Thank You so much, and235100.  Your answer was very helpful. I just signed on for a Trial membership. I am so glad to have found this site. I have a feeling I am going to be learning alot from you.
                            Thanks again, cpain143
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