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Best program to edit CSS with shortcuts when editing HTML articles


I'm getting annoyed with Microsoft Word's HTML editor and Sub-document features.
When I assign a style to lots of text when it's supposed to be white, and I try to see it in HTML view, I unexpectedly get black text in some areas.  
It's inconsistent for some reason, so I have to go back and reassign it. And sometimes it gets fixed, for some reason.

Anyhow, if anyone's an expert in Word problems, let me know, so that I can give you more details on this.
But if not, I'm looking for an HTML CSS editing program that:

1) allows me to apply CSS rules to text with **shortcuts**. I'm talking about serious editing, so I need these shortcuts. I can't rely on Dreamweaver for this since I don't think they have it.  

2) Does what MS Word does in formating, like indent, make bullets and numbered lists, underline, etc. Dreamweaver doesn't have a good underline feature.

3) Not necessary, but easily copy text from Word into this program and retain the formatting, and if possible, the styles already applied.

This would really help. Thanks soooooooooooo much.
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Some stand alone CSS editors that might fill your needs --
www.w3.org/Style/CSS/    -- this one is HTML and CSS, open source
www.altova.com/features_css_editor.html    -- this claims to be the "best".

I don't use a stand alone CSS editor and would never think of using MS words HTML editor.
If you look at open office -- www.openoffice.org -- there "word-equivalent" editor is actually better than word, and HTML layout and design is only one click away -- bottom of left toolbar.  This FREE open source office package has MS Office beat cold, especially for interactive HTML design and one click publishing of flawless PDF files from the office documents.  Try it for a month, you will dump MS word.


Thanks. I have downloaded Open Office before and used it a little, but not that much. I'm re downloading it now.

the 2.x version is better as an integrated office suite than the 1.1.x version that you porbably Downloaded, and I did too.  Let me know what you think.   The settings are a bit hard to figure out at first, but give it a little time to learn -- 2 weeks, you will be amazed what great PDFs it makes, good clean HTML -- don't know how good it will be at CSS, I have never tried it actually.


I'll give it a try and will reply back some time in the evening of tomorrow or so.Thanks


Hey scrathcyboy:

OpenOffice looks great, except for one thing:
it can't create HTML subdocuments. The reason I'd need subdocument mode is to have conssitent formatting (and easy to manage) for many many documents. CSS works similar to subdocument mode.

BUT, I noticed that OpenOffice can create multiple HTML files from one file by using Headings and then "File > Send > Create HTML Document"

I'd have to be careful to save the original, because OO creates a master HTML file that's not really ediable (the master file can't edit on the sub document like in Word).

This might work, but I need to do more studies. I might go and check the other programs.
"This might work, but I need to do more studies."

I agree, the interface with open office is sometimes so deep, it takes a long time to figure out how to do things.  But perservere -- I think you will find that eventually, you can probably do everything you want with it.  You can look for others, but I don't think you will find any like this.  I have to say the product is amazingly capable, probably the worst part about it is that the choices to do things are not easy to find or intuitive.

e.g. -- I had to get on their forums just to find out how to change the default display on start up to a centered display, and I can't remember how I did it now.  I would just suggest, stick with it, it is a great HTML editor for word processing type of text, and is better than MS word.  Other than that -- best of luck !!!


Yeah, I will persevere on this software, since it might do the work well.
Let me just do some lengthy tests that it will work well.


Still testing whether it would work. I've got school that's taking so much time out, so sorry for the hold up.


I think I'll go ahead and close this question.
I'll take your suggested software into consideration in the future.  I have to explore them deeply to see if they are the best tools.

Thank you scrathcyboy for your patience.  

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