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Hi all,
i am student of MS (M Phil) in Computer science. i want to know about any free software use for Plagiarism purpose, kindly tell me also that how these software works, e.g they use searching of Google or any other method.
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d-glitchConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The investigator will of course use the database he believes is most appropriate.

For an instructor trying to prevent copying on a particular programming assignment, he will do a pairwise comparison of all programs turned in.

For term papers, many universities use Anti-plagiarism Services [ for example] that have large proprietary databases of term papers.  Students are typically required to turn their papers into the database, which is one way the database grows.

There are commerical Newspaper and Legal databases [Lexus and Nexus] that can be used if you pay for access.

If you suspect that a particular author has copied your work, you can compare just the two items.  At least one Harvard student novelist and a couple of Pulizer Prize winning historians has been caught this way.
Are you looking to do a thesis on this topic?
Or are you concerned that someone is copying your work?
Or are you copying someone else's work and trying not to get caught?

A Google Search for  "lexical analysis plagiarism"  will get you started in any case.
talhasohailAuthor Commented:
i just want to know something about this , not for any such purpose,,,,just wan to know the database source.
kindly inform
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Kshitij AhujaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
talhasohailAuthor Commented:
kindly help me to inform me more about this issue
I believe that all of the responses here are on point:

     d-glitch provided general comments and search advice.
     kshitij_ahuja has identified free software for plagiarism.

The author has not really engaged in the process.
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