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Hi, I'm using 2005 express edition and Im currently trying to add graphs and charts to my application as I was led to believe by a friend that this was possible and very easy. I cant seem to find and chart or graph controls in my toolbox. Someone told me I should add MSChart to my toolbox I went through the com components and was unable to find anything. My question is, is there an easy way to add a graph or chart to my application? and could you advise on how to do it?
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Evan CutlerConnect With a Mentor Volunteer Chief Information OfficerCommented:
When you get a component, you add it to your toolbar.
Ensure that the components' dll is added as a reference,
and it should work.
Evan CutlerVolunteer Chief Information OfficerCommented:
The MSChart U/I Component is from MS Excel.  If you don't have MS Excel, then you cannot load it.

You can try the "Browse..." Function to navigate to Microsoft Office folders to look for it....

Otherwise, you can grab a U/I Component from the internet.
If you shop around, you can find some good U/I component toolboxes for relatively cheep.
Just make sure that you either get components or .net components, not components. is the hot commodity right now.
Cannibal_JackAuthor Commented:
Thank you. What will happen if I wish to share the code with a friend? will I just have to add the component to the files and get them to install it like I did? And also when I turn my application in to a proper application will it run fine without the component installed on the other persons computer?
Evan CutlerVolunteer Chief Information OfficerCommented:
Access to program the component is only for your in VS2005,
when you compile it and send it to your friend, he will only be able to see what you program to it.
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