DFS replication using Storage Server 2003 R2

trying to setup DFS replication between server standard 2003R2(main) and storage server 2003R2(secondary), but when on the main server, going through Replication group members, i cannot add the storage server as it says the dfs replication service is not installed.  I checked on the storage server and it is installed and started and running.  I dont see any previous posts that deal with R2 to R2 replication
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brent_caskeyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is a good article on how to implement DFS replication.


I would double check that all of the DFS components are installed on both servers first - then make sure that you are using the DFS management interface so that you can take advantage of the R2 enhancements.
mobrien8888Author Commented:
By default, even though "R2" not all r2 components are installed.  and because i had already ran windows updates, i could not install the additional components as "this version is not the same version you are trying to install".   So had to reinstall.   On another note microsoft does not support storage server as that is an OEM product.  great.
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