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I have just downloaded EasyBoot (Trail) before I buy I need to no how to work it. I ain't got a clue where to start with it. I can't seem to find any plain English tutorials for this software. Can anyone help me?
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first try the help file with the product -- www.kickstartnews.com/reviews/utilities/easyboot_502.htm
here are some FAQ's might help -- www.ezbsystems.com/easyboot/faq.htm 
also see this --  http://www.ezbsystems.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard.cgi?act=ST;f=1;t=287

there are some useful links on the main site -- http://www.ezbsystems.com/easyboot/

If you explore the help in the product and the site, you can get the gist of how to use it.
all I can tell you is that this product can be a great product if it had good support options. right now, your only support is email, and it will take more than a week before you hear back from them
also the user guide that comes with it is useless.

save your money and look for some free tools, and if you must spend money then spend it on some other product.

hprepairAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the links, I eventually went with different software.
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