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How to troubleshoot OWA problems (page cannot be found)

We have had OWA working fine for some time now, but after the last reboot it has stopped functioning.  All that we get now is Pager cannot be found.

We have run updates and rebooted. How do we begin to troubleshoot this problem?
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can you go to iis and choose the web page such as \\server\exchange and browse that way?  also make surre the iis and WW services are started.  

They may have never restarted when you did the last reboot
Does it work internally on your network, is the problem just an external access problem?


Cannot browse it in IIS

Services are started

problem is internal and external
did you try to restart the services.  
did you go to iis and make sure that the server in iis is started.  sometime that is stopped (the webiste itself.

And just want to check that internally the email client is working.

Is this a standalone Exchange server or SBS?

If standalone, in IIS, check permissions on /exchange, /exadmin,/public, which should be set at basic and integrated only. /exchweb should have basic, integrated, and anonymous permissions

If SBS, run through CIEW again.


E-mail client is working and Exchange Active Sync works

Exchange OMA works as well.

I can go to https://mydomain.com/oma and log in fine
have you tried to take off the ssl authentication?  and let it work with no SSL?



The permissions had some how been changed.  I changed them back as directed above, but it still did not work.  I did some more looking around and it turns out that Active Server Pages was set to Prohibit.  Changed it back to Allow and now everything works.

Thanks for the help.

this is exactly what I needed to do. thanks for your help
Where is that ASP setting located?

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