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Return Key/Value instead of just one single value using autocomplete ajaxtoolkit

gauravjoshi asked
Is it correct that there is no way to use the AutoComplete to get an ID value?

In otherwords, when they are done with the control, I  want the text in the textbox, and also I want the database ID value behind it,

Basically i want dropdown functionality in autocomplete textbox, where i can have two things text and value.
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in Ajax Tool Kit source  files change the appropriate functions which manages AutoComplete functionality.In AutoCompleteBehavior.js and AutoCompleteExtender.cs files you must do some modifications. but you must be familiar with javascript.


is there any other solution than changing javascript?

Thanks for comment
Try to find another free autocomplete combobox. You can easily find and implement it. do some googling. For example search codeproject.com


Thanks for idea on search term

i found some links on the net, I m not sure whether it will solve my problem or not, but looks promising

this is the post, might get use full to some one, looking for the same solution


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