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Can I safely send credit card details via an asp email script if hosting is in a SSL secured folder?

I need to collect credit card details for processing off-line, can this be done securely using ASP email script if the pages are hosted on a SSL secured folder? If not what alternatives could I use?
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Group MD
It is NOT a good idea to send your customers details via email - and the fact they enter them using a secure connection they expect it goes straight to the CC processing company - not your email account.

Sign-up for a payment gateway (like an online merchant account - companies like WorldPay offer this) or else use an online Payment processor (like 2CO).

Handling credit cards for other people is a responsibility you should not take lightly, and if one of your customers wants to get difficult with you then you could face some very serious problems.

Without any doubt the only safe way for you and your customers is to use a 3rd party payment processor.

Look at the WorldPay website: http://www.worldpay.com and you will start to understand what they can do you, to ensure you get your money and in turn that your customers are safe.
No, you need to use PGP to secure the e-mail.  SSL is only an encryption between the browser and server during that session.  Once it is emailed, it is plain text

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