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word/excel viewer that's an .exe file

I have a situation where we have a CD of Word and Excel documents that need to be opened on computers that only have a base Windows XP/2000/98 install - no Office apps.  Without going into the reasons behind this it should be assumed by whoever will  try to answer this question 1) no office apps are to be installed on these computers 2) it is not practical to PDF the documents in question 3) the documents on the CD are not to be transferred to the computers and 4) no on-line viewer that would do the task e.g. browse to some kind of Web site that might view the files - can be employed .  While we can use IE from the desktop to 'view' the documents on the CD the original formatting will be lost.  What we would like would be a Word/Excel viewer that is an .exe file that could be placed on the CD that could be used to view the files with their normal formatting.
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Graham N.Group MD
OK, for MS Word documents you can use the Microsoft "Word Viewer". Just dowwnload it and write it to the CD. You might need to do some autoplay HTML to handle the use of the Viewer - but it will run on 98/2000/XP no problem.

With Word Viewer 2003 you can view and  print,  but  you cannot edit  or  save a document, nor create a new document.

It can be downloaded here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=95E24C87-8732-48D5-8689-AB826E7B8FDF&displaylang=en

Now for Excel spreadsheets funnily enough you can use the "Excel Viewer 2003" !

Download it here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=c8378bf4-996c-4569-b547-75edbd03aaf0&displaylang=EN

Again, you will put it on the CD and off you go.

Trust this deals with your problem.
Group MD
Sorry, I forgot to mention, that you will also need to extract out the "exe" portion of the viewer if you do not want to install the program. Meaning (like Wordpad.exe) each of the two viewers actually have an executable that does the real work, but the download comes with a load of other stuff that would normally get installed. So you need to install the "viewers" on a PC then copy off just the programs you need to CD and then run them using an ODE style call.
Graham N.Group MD
Two other thoughts, that spring to mind are:

TextMaker Viewer - but it only supports DOC files. It is also freeware and does not need to be installed.
Download it here: http://textmaker-viewer.softmaker-software-gmbh.qarchive.org/

You could build a "LiveCD" using a Linux Distro and include OpenOffice on the CD along with the files you want to distribute. OpenOffice will access DOC and XLS files easily - and becuase the LiveCD does not install anything on the Users PC you basically have what you want. This would obviously be a bit more complex than you probably want.


None of these will work in my situation but thanks for the info - might be useful in other circumstances.

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