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Should I Keep Consultants For Sharepoint Project?: Need Advice From Project Managers


Sorry for the long post but I need solid advice from PM's with similar experience. I've been hired on as a project manager for a company last week. We currently have 4 consultants (1 PM, 1 Sharepoint Architect, 2 senior developers) on board since Sept. of 2007 and they have completed an internal project for us. I was told this project did not meet deadline and was rated no better than a "C" score. We have a mission critical Sharepoint implementation coming up and I have interviewed their Sharepoint Architect who was hired on by the consulting firm to lead this project from the technical side because they realize we needed someone in that role. I spoke to him for about 30 minutes and he does not fit an "Architect" in my opinion. He's basically one of those "geeky" nerds that reads Microsoft white papers on his free time. He's very knowledgeable about Sharepoint but his he lacks communication skills. I'm afraid that he's too 1 dimensional. Ideally, I would prefer a top notch Senior level developer who has lead various projects and can help us design our system using Sharepoint 2007 as the platform I'm a little nervous that they did not provide someone from their firm who has been with their company for a while with a good record of leading such projects.

As for their PM, he's not technical and does not provide much value in my opinion except for managing his group and write up documents, etc.. I have spoken to another firm and one of their top senior consultant is a co-author of a Sharepoint book. I have spoken with him for about an hour and this guy is a "rock star" in my opinion. His billing rate is twice as much but I believe that I can bring him on and let go of the current PM and their Sharepoint Architect. Please advise if you have a similar situation where you have to make these types of decisions. I still want to keep the other 2 developers and let this "rock star" consultant lead this projec and manage the other 2 developers. Please let me know if this is a good decision and what risks I should consider since there could be a potential conflict by having 2 consulting firms working with each other

Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance. Let me know if I need to elaborate more. Also, I've been struggling to find an IT Project Manager forum to ask this question. If there is another website speciifc to this type of discussion, please let me know as well. Thanks in advance
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It's a no-brainer. If this guy really is a rock star, he should be able to manage the 2 developers, and indeed get rid of them if they're not up to scratch. I'm sure he has plenty of other contacts who could take their place if need be.

I've been in similar situations and am in the fortunate position to know a couple of SharePoint MVP's etc and for my money, they're worth every penny extra that they cost.

If you have no faith in the current contractors, you are risking YOUR reputation by sticking with them.



I agree with you. That is my gut instinct right now and since our project just started, we won't have much of a setback. I guess my only concern is that I don't know how the dynamics of the team will be with personnels from 2 different consulting firms. What are your thoughts and experience with this?.

Leave it to the rock star. If he lives up to his billing, he will take the situation by the scruff of the neck and deal with it (as is my experience of these type of people).

Forced accept.

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