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Connection Refused on Exchange after uninstalling Anti-Spam Service

sugar05 asked
Hi all,

I recently trialled this anti-spam software for my exchange server - www.jak.com. I've decided that it's not what I'm looking for, and I want to remove it. When you install the software, it installs a service and that monitors all incoming mail. After I 'uninstall' the software, my entire mail server grinds to a hault - in the same way that disabling the service does while the application is installed. I've just tried using the tool in the Control Panel at this stage.

It appears that the Windows has become dependant on the service for this program, and if it's missing it starts causing major headaches. Running an email validation on the domain shows this once the program has been removed (from network-tools.com):


Validation results

error: Connection refused

canonical address: <administrator@mydomain.com.au>

MX records
preference exchange IP address (if included)
0 mydomain.com.au [My IP]
SMTP session

[Resolving mydomain.com.au..]
[Contacting mydomain.com.au [My IP]..]
[Connection refused]


Can anyone see what might be happening here? After I reinstall the software, all is fine again. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have tried contacting the company for support, but that could take a few days at the least.

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start -->run services.msc

right click and properties of your exchange services.

See if it has added any dependencies there.


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