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Auto fill when selecting recipient in email works inconsistently

LLurie asked
i have 1,000+ names in address book in outlook (have recentyly imported from Goldmine) so i am new to outlook. when sending email, i click send, and type contact name. SOME contacts appear with name and email address to be selected; but sometimes NO selections appear.

I then click TO, and open address book, type the same name- see it there, and click to add to address line. so the names ARE in address book, but often they do NOT pop up as an auto fill when i start to typer their name in emaqil TO field.

i have turned on automatic name checking and suggest names in to/cc/bcc fields.
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Top Expert 2008
Hello LLurie,

If you want addresses to pop up in autofill, you need to send a message by typing in his or her name in To field. Then send the message. Next time, the name will appear when you start typing in To field.

Hope this helps!


I type a name, it doesn't asppear. i click TO, find the name, and click on it, and send the message. BUT, many times, the next time I start to type the name - the auto fill does NOT pop the name up. Is there any limits about having punctuation in names - for fast find (with thousands in address book) i have mjy staff listed as /fl - /first initial last initial, so the many other john smith's do not get selected. but I cannot get the staffers' name to appear consistently on auto fill. even AFTER sending an email to them this way.,
I found the solution I needed... an add-in program called 'add contacts' automatically minitors inbound and outbound email and adds, or offeres to instantly add, any names to BOTH address book and quick list. Thanks for comments folks.

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