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Connect 2 monitors, keyboards and mouses to one computer (switch between two)

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Last Modified: 2013-12-09
I have seen questions on how to do this with both being used simultaneously through a KVM switch, but my needs are not that great. I share an office with another employee who works the opposite shift (only one of us are in at a time). We have one computer workstation, but it is stuck in a poor location and cannot be moved. I would like to place a monitor, keyboard and mouse on each of our desk, and when I am in switch mine active. When I leave, switch his active - without having to unplug the cable for his monitor and plug mine it (but if that will save a hundred dollars or so from a KVM swich and there is no other way, I guess I can live with that inconvenience.  Is there a simple switch box that will sctivate one, then can be manually flipped to the other so I can avoid changing cables every day?  Thanks  Dan
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you better believe it. they made a manual cpu switchbox that had an a b computer configuration... let me see if i can find out if they still make them and what the price is!!
http://www.sureneeds.com/usbms2ab.html here is a monitor/usb one for 25 bucks allitle better of a deal


I could not get the action-electronics site to open, but the Sureneeds one is the opposite of what I need. The switch they have allows you to share one VGA monitor, USB keyboard/mouse and USB         peripherals between any two computers with USB ports  I need two monitors switched back and forth from one computer. Thanks anyways for looking, had my hopes up.


Interesting problem.  Most people are trying to use one monitor, keyboard and mouse to control more than one computer.  I understand your problem of trying to use two sets of kvm to control one computer.

One solution would be to simply use usb keyboards and mice.  Then the computer will except either set as input and no switching is required.  Of course, to do this, you'll need four open usb ports.  For the monitor, you could use a cheap switch like this:


For a one shot solution, using PS2 devices, you could use a reverse KVM switch:


Either way, it looks like you may have to spend some money.

Good luck!!


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