Need Advice On Replacement MotherBoard Specs

Here is the board currently in my machines:
Basically the board is definately fried and I need a replacement but im not 100% confident about getting at board that has all the same features.
With exception of the board my PC tower setup includes:

2 * 512 ram ddr 400
2 * sata drives 80gb each
2 * IDE disk drives on one ide cable
1 * ide floppy drive
1 * graphics card I assume its PCI express *16 to fit in the board i currently have
3 * PCI cards (e.g. usb, wireless PCI, modem)
1* USB card that slots in back of tower and uses USB connections direct to motherboard

I'm concerned about not matching up all the ram, cpu, sata requirements correctly.
Finally, i'd really prefer to use this supplier and perhaps keep price down if possible

Thank you very much in advance
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From your preferred supplier:

This one's a MicroATX but otherwise meets your specs.

MSI PM9M-V Socket 775 DDR2/DDR1Support 1066FSB OnBoard Graphics SATA

This one's Standard ATX:

Asus P5B 965 (Socket 775) PCI-Express DDR2 Motherboard

If I were buying, I'd go with the ASUS.

The other option I'd recommend, if you're really happy with the FIC is to contact their sales department and explain the situation, then ask them what they recommend as an upgrade.

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why not buy the same board? then you have nothing to reinstall; otherwise a repair install at least is needed.
check on e-bay if you can't find it in the shops
auraorangeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply.

I have contacted the original mobo manufacturer and they are currently checking stocks in china but their initial email reply was to contact my original supplier (but they went out of business 3 years ago or so).  Thats why i came on here lookinh for alternatives as i've already had a question open on EE 2 days ago trying to find this motherboard,  There is simply no-one who sells them in the commercial market in the UK on google or ebay.
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auraorangeAuthor Commented:

Does the asus support my DDR 400 memory or just DDR2?


Presuming the same mobo isn't available, did you ask the original mobo manufacturer about alternatives?
auraorangeAuthor Commented:
im going with scouseran's advice as ive tried with the manufacturer and i cant make an exact match with the serial number as the s/n sticker is missing from it.  Plus ive been emailing china for 3 days tryng to sort it out and not got very far really so it could be another 2 weeks until it reaches me in the UK

Thank you for the help ill have to battle along with a repair reinstall !

auraorangeAuthor Commented:
Thanks once again to all of you
Thanks for the points. Sorry to have missed your question about the RAM on the ASUS. In answer to that, here are the RAM specs:

RAM Installed (MAX)       0 / 16GB (Max)
Supported RAM Technology       DDRII SDRAM
Supported Integrity Check       NON-ECC
Supported RAM Speed       4x 240 Pin DIMM Sockets DDR2 800/667/533MHz memory
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