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migration 2000 standard to SBS2003

AsgharE asked
migration 2000 standard to SBS 2003
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Hallo,  You can have a look at the following: http://www.sbsmigration.com/pages/96/ this indicates the process for a swing migration from Win2k, NT or Windows 2003 to SBS 2003.

it's certainly not simple....

need to consider wether setting up a new domain with new server and then move users is easier.

Depends upon how many users and how difficult it will be to move the exchange data & settings.


Since the 2000 environment dose not have Exchange and I am dealing with only 10 users, in addition the existing server had issues (compressed NTFS partition, DNS error, not being updated for sometimes and many other issues that I am not sure the migration path to migrate users will be complete, therefore I am going to accept the work involved to recreate the user's profile and recreate users mnually on the new server and move the data and reset the NTFS/shared and ETC.
NOW the question that I have is: Users are using primairly Autocad (Not very familiar how to customise the setting) and if there is a way to save the setting so when the user login to the new domain I will be able to recreate the Autocad setting to the original state that user had with the old domain?

Thank you


yes.  just use the File and Settings Transfer Wizard as part of XP.

Works perfectly for Acad settings from personal experience.

Other way that could be even better is to get the user to export their profile from acad to a file. Tools/Options/Profiles

then you create new user accounts for all users so that all is a clean slate for the new server config.

we used a different method for exactly your scenario 3 years ago. but now, i would think the following easier.

1/ Logon as user connected to WS2000.
2/ run FAST Wiz, saving to local drive. eg C:\transfer
3/ logon as local admin. Delete the existing user profile using System / Advanced / UserSettings.  Delete all old ones other than local admin.
4/ disconnect from WS2000 domain and move to workgroup using Network Settings.
5/ run SBS connectcomputer to join to new domain.
6/ logon as new SBS user. Complete the startup config.
7/ reboot. run FAST wizard and import from C:\transfer

Thank you guys, I followed the instruction and was able to migrate the users, computers etc. I did not have to move exchange since there was no exchange involved.


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