How to restore calendar information without full restore location

Groupwise 6.5.6

User deleted calendar information.
Unable to do complete PO restore for restore location. OFFILES directory is 50gb. Not enough space on server, no other Novell servers available. All other servers are W2K3.

Restored everything except OFFILES directory and when client attempts to connect to backup location an error message appears. I setup the restore location in ConsoleOne. Error is C067. After you click past the error message another pop box appears asking for location to restore location (already filled in with correct location) and password field is blank.

Is there a way to restore the calendar information without having a full restore location available?
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rockethobbitConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
What version of NetWare do you have?

If it is NetWare 6.0 or later, and red-box/VLA/CLA licensing, you can install another server without buying licensing (much unlike the case with Windows.)  All you need is a PC that has adequate memory/disk and not-too-unusual chipsets/components.  For NW6.0, anything above a Pentium II 400MHz processor with 256MB RAM and IDE/ATA disk should work fine - NW6.0 has some issues with newer NICs and newer disk subsystems.  You should have at least a P3-500MHz with 512MB RAM for NW6.5, and you should be able to use SATA disk as long as it's not configured for the semi-hardware/semi-software RAID that most on-board SATA support.

6.0 you'd have to request an additional server license file (if that feature of the website is still available) which you'd get as an email attachment, IIRC.  For NetWare 6.5, you should be able to use the same server license as your other server(s) to a large degree.  

At any rate, it would be relatively cheap - just the cost of the hardware - to add a NetWare server to the mix, with adequate disk to provide a GroupWise restore area.

Unless you're using some really fancy backup software that can restore individual entities directly from tape, you will have to establish a restore area, and unless you're using backup software that allows cross-platform restore, your restore area will have to be a NetWare volume.
rockethobbitAuthor Commented:
Fixed myself.
I don't object to such an action, provided the Asker let us know what they did to fix it themselves.  Without that information, the question won't help anyone else looking to solve the same problem
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