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Need advice/assistance on converting websties from Homestead SiteBuilder to something else.

cjnovak asked
Unbeknownst to be, my website developer was a Homestead reseller who built 4 of my websites (and 45 others) with Homestead's proprietary SiteBuilder package.  When he didn't pay his Homestead bill, all the sites shutdown.  Homestead has offered to move my sites to a new Homestead account of my own, but for other integration reasons, I need them hosted somewhere else.

Is anyone aware of a non-proprietary website development tool such as Dreamweaver which can import/convert SiteBuilder pages and make them "non-proprietary" ?  Homestead's SiteBuilder will only download and publish via a homestead.com account.

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Mark GilbertSenior Performance Engineer

Hi cjnovak, the html source appears to contain some formatting similar to microsoft products (such as word, when copying across to a wysiwyg editor), and I'm pretty sure there would be an easy way of using a regex to strip the content.  However, what may be the better alternative is to find a website ripper which will browse the rendered view of the pages and then save them to your harddrive.  You can then edit these as if they were fresh pages.  


ingwa, thanks for the comments.  Can you suggest such a "website ripper"?  I imagine that after using this, I (or someone else) would still have to re-link everything, etc......


I've had no responses to my followup query.  Does anyone have a suggestion or link to a "website ripper" program as mentioned above ???
Senior Performance Engineer
Hi cjnovak, apologies but I think your reply had slipped through my emails.  There are quite a few website rippers availble and a simple search produced the following:


Basically what you need is software that will download the entire site to enable you to view them offline.  If your links are relative then chances are those links would be retained, without you having to update them, however it is possible that you would need to perform a multiple search and replace to update the links.  Dreamweaver is very good for such tasks.

Once again apologies for the delay and hope this helps.

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