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Using chat video on a MAC and PC?

menreeq asked
I just got my parents a new mac mini and i am trying to figure out how to setup video chat with MSN.  I use a PC and i downloaded MSN Mac but then discovered that the latest version does not do video.  How can i setup video chats betwen a PC and a MAC that's super easy for a MAC user to use?
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I believe that it wont be possible from a mac.

Microsoft has patents on the Video and Audio compression used by the MSN service so you wont see any public third party products.  It is not unusual for M$ to half-write a Mac version of a product, so you probably wont see it on Mac until MS writes it in to the official Mac version of MSN.

You can alternatively use PC emulation such as Virtual PC to use the Windows Live Messenger on the Mac.  Although VPC doesn't do well, and is not recommended for Video applications.

The best and easiest way to do this now is Skype. You can get a Skype version for Mac and a Skype version for Windows and both support full audio and video  chats and text with each other
Video chat is possible with Yahoo Messenger & Skype .. both of which work on Mac & PC.

What webcam do you have withe MacMini?

gambit_642 - Virtual PC is ANCIENT and not relevant if the user has a NEW Intel Mac Mini .. they can use Parallels or VMWare if they want to run PC applications.

The built in iChat AV with your parents' Mac will talk with AIM accounts. You can set up your PC with an AIM account which will then allow you to video conference with your parents.

A tutorial is at http://www.mvldesign.com/video_conference_tutorial.html



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