is efs enabled by default

I was wondering on a windows 2003 member server is efs enabled on any folders with the administrator account.  I have to wipe a password on a server for a client because the person that worked on it before did not tell them the password when he left.  They need to gain access to the administrator account now.  All I have seen when talking about wiping the password is that it can affect access to any efs encrypted folders so if someone knows that would be great.
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brent_caskeyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As long as you did not turn it on, it should be ok. If you need to, you can backup the important files to a different server that is not using efs and you will not have an issue. You could also backup to a USB key that is not using EFS.
grevelsAuthor Commented:
so you are saying that it should not a problem if I wipe out the administrator password if the old person did not turn on efs on any folder correct
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