Quality problem with png graphic in Flash 8

I'm creating PNG images in Photoshop. I'm then importing them into Flash 8 for use in a flash movie. When I import them into Flash, the quality is much worse than the original images. The edges become jagged and the dropshadows are very low quality. How can I rectify this problem? Thanks.
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ZefferConnect With a Mentor Commented:
go into the library and right-click an image ..select ..properties
in the panel where it says..Compression..it will say ..Photo(jpeg)..(must be some kind of default..pretty stupid..although one of Flash's strengths is compression of file size..maybe it's that)..
in the drop-down select .. Lossless(PNG/GIF)..and you will get your original quality.


Jason ThompsonConnect With a Mentor Senior UX DesignerCommented:
Also, be sure you're exporting out of Photoshop to PNG-24 rather than PNG-8.  Using "Save as..." may not work as well as Photoshop's "Save for web...", which will give you much more control over the output.

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