C# Network Program hangs

I got a question about my first C# networking program. I have a server and a client program, and the server just sends out numbers to the client. I don't just want the client to receive but to send also. For example, to create commands to send only odd/even numbers, or numbers in some range.

My server program is multithreaded and it goes like this:

while true
   SocketComm socObj = new SocketComm();
   sockObj.dummySocket = tlsserver.AcceptSocket();
   Thread thd = new Thread(new ThreadStart(sockObj.ThreadProc));
   thr.IsBackground = true;

public void ThreadProc()
   NetworkStream serverSockStream = new NetworkStream(mySocket);
   StreamReader serverStreamReader = new StreamReader(serverSockStream);
   StreamWriter serverStreamWriter = new StreamWriter(serverSockStream);

   Random random = new Random();

     int randomNumber.Next(1000);
        // This works fine and sends the numbers to client like expected
        // Client times out when I add this line:
       //  string returndata = serverStreamReader.Readline();
     { break; }

In the client, I connect to the server like this:

   private void ConnectToServer(string ServerIP, int ServerPort)
            // Create a new instance of a TCP client
            tcpClient = new TcpClient();
                // Connect the TCP client to the specified IP and port
                tcpClient.Connect(ServerIP, ServerPort);
                NetworkStream clientSockStream = tcpClient.GetStream();
                clientStreamReader = new StreamReader(clientSockStream);
                clientStreamWriter = new StreamWriter(clientSockStream);

and when I click 'Get Number" in the form, these are the important lines:
string returndata = clientStreamReader.ReadLine();

And when I want to send something to the server, I have this line:

Now, the problem is, the client hangs if I add this line to read in the while loop of ThreadProc in the server:

string returndata = serverStreamReader.Readline();

Why does the client hang? How do I get the server to also read from a stream?

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I think it would be easier to use asynchronous reading on your networkStream instead.
I don't believe the ReadLine() is a blocking call, so you cannot be sure there is any data there when your code hits that point.

Have a read on the NetworkStream's BeginRead

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