Server logs are generated automatically by appending current date


i have log files in my application , but what happens is the new log file is getting generated by appending date at the back . can i know why this is happening .

thnx in advance
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What application is this?

If you have a configuration file for this application you look at something like log rotation or logging file name, etc.

TheMajesticAuthor Commented:
this is the script i wrote ,, R

is this because of the "org.apache.log4j.DailyRollingFileAppender" it is appending the date with the file??

TheMajesticAuthor Commented:
the problem now is the files are generating but ,

The data is appending both in ExtendedRequestLog.log and also in ExtendedRequestLog.log_<yesterday_data>.

Why this happenes ???

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KWhat the line below is doing?

TheMajesticAuthor Commented:
That gives the date pattern which should be added to the file .

but the problem now is :  lets sat boo.log is changed to boo_<date>.log at midnight 12.
but still the logs are going in boo_<date>.log and also in boo.log

the another thing is boo.log contains one part of the log and boo_<date>.log contains another part.
TheMajesticAuthor Commented:
I found the solution , this happenes because of the Zombie process.

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