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Cannot view queue on Exchange Child Domain from Exchange System Manager at Parent Domain

aihaiai asked
Hi !
I have the child domain scenario on my environment
Parent domain abc.com and the child domain is child.abc.com
I have two Exchange servers setup in one Exchange Org which are exch1.abc.com and exch2.child.abc.com.

I found that I can view the exch1 queue from exch2 ESM but not vice versa. I can't view exch2 queue from exch1 ESM.  Appear Default SMTP and Exchange MTA with red exclamation mark

I have checked that all exchange services was started for both servers.

Currently all the exchange server are on the same First Administrative Group.
Both exchange are logon to their own domain using Adminstrator account

At the same time, moving mailbox from child to parent domain is OK but not for vice versa
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President/Principal Consultant
Ensure that the parent domain servers and accounts are given permissions to the child domain.


The problem was solved. I did nothing. I beleive the configuration is correct. After several time trying. It was OK. I also can move mailbox from parent to child. Yesterday when I try to see the queue again. the same thing happen. Communication between parent to domain is via sattelite link which is consider very slow. But I wonder why it seems like from child to parent it was ok all the time.

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