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Script to extract equipment plant codes automatically?

andy_bjts asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-30
Is it possible to automate data retrieval from SAP onto Excel?

Looking to extract Equipment/Location data for several plant locations frequently, but need to bypass labourious task of entering nine different plant numbers, saving each to individual xl sheets, then combining the data at the end.

Thanks experts!
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Please can you elaborate on the fields you require, is it material and storage location or bin
haver you tried quick viewer transaction SQVI you can access the SAP logical databases or create table joins to create reports


Hi bradleys40

I enter the plant number in the serial number selection section.

I need fields as follows:
Functional Location
Description of technical object
Current customer
Manufacturer of asset
Manufacturer part number

and show classification - 1000 - Customs status.


Never tried quick viewer transaction SQVI or
accessed the SAP logical databases or
created table joins to create reports

Can you elabourate on the slickest method for extracting the data?
do you know how to get the technical names of fields and their table name?

The best way to get data depends on where it is,
if it is in one table
then viewing a table in transaction SE16 is quick but SQVI lets you create reports with selection criteria.
if in multiple table SQVI or sap query using infosets and user groups in the SQ01 SQ02 And SQ03 commands, these require a greater level of knowledge to create, there is a good book sap query reporting by Danielle Larocca signorile.
If the data is in structures then you may need some ABAP resource to create a report.


No, I do not know how to get the table names or technical field names.
My IT department would probably tell me to go away if I request.

I am not authorised to use transactions SE16, SQVI, SQ01, SQ02, SQ03.

Unfortunateley without access you have little chance of getting the data in an easier way, does you company have a SAP SCM analyst?
TOP tip to find out the technical field name click on the field containing the data>  press F1 > the performance assistant will open, in the menu icons there is a hammer and spanner, click that, the foeld data area will give you the information.



Contacted our Sappers with static as a respose. Was awaiting the outcome to award points, but here you go for your input/advice.



Here is what I sent on 28/1/08:

Wondering if it is possible to setup a query/script for plants 3254 to 3257 inclusive plus 3269?

The following fields within the Equipment Master category are what I need to list:

Functional Location = STRNO
Equipment = EQUNR
Description of technical object = EQKTX
Material = MATNR
Plant = WERK
Current customer = KUNDE
Manufacturer of asset = HERST
ManufactSerialNumber = SERGE
Manufacturer part number = MAPAR