Hierarchical Infragistics Combo

Is it possible to bind a hierachical data source to an Infragistics UltraCombo at runtime?

I am creating the dataset in code sucessfully which binds to a UltraWinGrid but will only show first level of hierachy when bound to combo.

No errors. I have tried without any schema and defining a schema which matches the dataset. No joy. Any help greatly appreciated.
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MooksUKAuthor Commented:
Any good alternative?
I guess it kind of depends on what you're trying to accomplish by showing the hierarchical data.  If the child rows are purely informational (only allowing the user to select values from the parent rows), then perhaps you could bind the parent data to the combobox, then bind the child data of the selected parent to the Ultragrid.

However, if you're allowing the user to select values from the parent OR child rows, you might just want to bind it all to the Ultragrid, add a "Select" button to each of the rows, and highlight the background of the row chosen.

Are any of those workable?


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MooksUKAuthor Commented:
Thanks ZeonFlash, I'll give your suggestions some consideration along with creating my own control which mimics a hierarchical combo box. Thanks for validating the fact I was not going mad and the infragistics combo does not support hierachical data.
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