weird problem ,exchange sending mails to junk folder for a number of users and to inbox for the others

hi all
I am visual basic developer , I have developed an application which connects to Exchange server using CDO (smtp) and then it sends emails to all our company employees on behalf hr department email .
the problem is some of the employees received the mail as junk and some of them receive it normally.
I have asked the network admin to set this mail as safe mail but he told me that this option is not available on exch2003
by the way if you send the email form this account using outlook it will be delivered to inbox
do you have an idea why exchange behaves like this and how to configure safe senders list .

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you may find that the outlook client is seeing this as a bulk email and that the content seems as though it is spam, it may be a case of just having to set the email account as a safe sender.

does the email address that you are sending from exist in AD, this sometimes then occurs as outlook does not see it as a valid ad user. even if it exists as a contact it should be ok.

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