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Why is my Intel PRO/100 VE Network Adapter disabled on start up?

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Last Modified: 2008-07-09
I have just installed a new hard drive in my Sony VAIO VGN-S150 laptop. I downloaded drivers from the Sony support site and everything appeared to be working fine. I have done a clean install of XP Pro, with SP2 and run Microsoft update to get all the other patches.

The problem is this: if I restart the machine, I don't get any Internet access. The culprit is that the "Intel(R) PRO/100 VE Network Connection", listed under network adapters in Device Manager, is disabled. If I enbale the adapter, Internet access works perfectly, but the adapter is disabled again next time I start up.

Any ideas how I can fix this?

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This sounds like a driver/software issue - espeically as the network adapter works when enabled manually - so this is unlikely to be down to hardware issues.
Perhaps an alternative driver can be found?

Otherwise - I would suggest that a third-party utility is taking control over the Windows functionality - can you check out Add/Remove Programs to see if such a utility is installed?
It might be set to disable the network connection at startup, or something similar.


Thanks for those suggestions. I'm convinced it is down to the driver, but having a few problems.

Firstly on the third party utility suggestion, there doesn't seem to be anything of that nature installed - and I have just done a clean install on a new drive.

My attempts to use a different driver have got me nowhere as yet, since if I try to uninstall the driver through device manager, the system hangs. I have just been to Intel's site and downloaded an uninstall utility for the PROSet drivers, but that did'nt do the job either.

This is not urgent as I can use either wireless (which still works fine), or manually enable the wired adapter, but it is annoying. I won't be looking at this again for 24 hours - any further tips welcomed though.
hi u can do one thing just uninstall the network driver & reinstall it.
& Check the hardware profiles.
& download a proper nic driver & install it
these tip can kick ur problem.

Do you have the laptop running on battery power when this occurs? Laptops now-a-days all seem to have an annoying feature which disables the network device when the laptop is running on battery power alone.

You can change this option by opening  the "Network card power management" applet in the Control Panel, and disabling the option to "disable network device when running on battery power".


Thanks jamesEE

I wasn't running the laptop on batteries, but that gave me an idea. It turns out the Vaio Power Management utility had set Ethernet to 'auto' for the mains power setting. When I changed the switch to 'on' and rebooted, the problem was solved.

Thanks for the idea and to everyone else.

and235100 - this might have been what you meant by a third party utility but I hadn't thought of this app.
>> this might have been what you meant by a third party utility but I hadn't thought of this app.
Yes - it was, but never mind - glad that you found the problem.