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Special characters for Danish and Lithuanian on terminal servers

Have a Ms Sql server 2005 with a set of db's for Danish ERP users and another set of db's for Lithuanian ERP users.

The ERP application is called Visma.

Have two Win2k3 terminal servers and want both servers to serve both Danish and Lithuanian users.

But to correctly display and handle the special characters for Lithuania I need to set the Non-Unicode setting to Lithuania. That is done in Control Panel / Regional Settings / Advanced
Then it works great for the lithuanian users, but the Danish special characters doesnt work well.

If I then change the non-unicode setting in Control Panel to Danish then I have the opposite result.

How can I have the terminal servers to work for both danish and lithuanian special characters?
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Founder and CEO
I think you need to have MUI installed. This will probably fix the issue and will allow you to give each type of user a full experience on the language of their choice.
Read the article I wrote for more information about MUI on TS.

Claudio Rodrigues

Microsoft MVP
Windows Server - Terminal Services

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