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Strange: cannot access one particular page from all the browsers

davidhq asked

I have this strange problem when CNN.COM won't open in Firefox, IE7 and not even in the VMWare Ubuntu virtual machine that runs under my Vista OS. I get time out. All the other pages work.. And it doesn't matter where I am (I tried at many different ISPs).. Has anyone experienced something similar?

Thank you!
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Have you tried using a proxy server?


no! but why? it's definitelly something in my machine. can you give me the details on what exactly should I try and why? thank you!

Is your DNS working fine and resolving IP for CNN site?


Yes.. it seems so:

dns www.cnn.com

hmm I just tried to put "" in the browser.. and it worked!

however www.cnn.com still doesn't work .. we're getting closer, but I still don't get it ... thank you

So, have you checked your Hosts file?
Although Ubuntu in VM should not be looking at your hosts file.

Try flushing your DNS. This page gives you instructions.  You need to run it as Admin or elevated privileges.

Thank you!

I found the problem.. it was in cookies! Apparently they changed something and the cookies I had on my comp were confusing the site..

hmm how didn't I try that before... I have an extension / icon in FF to delete some history and cache, but I forgot that this doesn't include cookies.

I'm fairly new at EE.. can you suggest what should I do with the points now? I'd like to give you some for help and because other people can benefit from your suggestions.. I'd also like to point out what the real solution in my case way.. but I can't accept my own solution!

thank you!


If points are a priority for you, then I would suggest that you request a delete (button in your original question) and fill out the request.

If points are not a priority, accepting  or splitting points would keep this question alive and well for the future, with of course, your Answer above.

Here are some FAQ's on accepting answers.


Sorry davidhq,

I didn't mean to mislead  you. If you do a request for deletion, it can be saved for the future as well.


no problem... but I still don't quite get it.. I understand the first option.. but on the second.. if I give some points, then those answers will be marked as solutions.. mine won't be.. I don't care about giving *myself* any points (if that's even possible). I just want my answer to also be marked as a solution, because that's what it is..

so is it best to just request a delete and then comment there? for now that's what I'm always going to do.. but please do clarify the second options (again: how do I mark my own answer as valid as well).. thank you!

You cannot mark your own answer as Valid, other then people reading, hopefully will read your comments as well as the recommendations of us.  Any comments we write here are not deleted unless they violate the Agreements.
Ultimately it is up to the Reader to decide how much to read.  I would hope that anyone in a similar situation would be smart enough to follow the reading to the point of your Answer that starts with "Thank You. I found the Problem..." but again, I have no control over that.

Closed, 250 points refunded.
Community Support Moderator

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