DNS reverse lookup query from novile in this field am getting this messaeg and don't know wher to start

Hello, I am getting the error message listed when clients try to send emails to a particular company and I ma not sure if the problem is at their end or ours. All other email is fine

Any help woudl be greatly appreciated !

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I don't think you have enough details listed here to answer the question correctly.

I will assume you are using your company's main email system to send out emails and that your company has a specific Internet domain name associated with it which is hosted in your company as well. If that is the case, then you will have more than 1 DNS server hosting your company's domain name: for example: dns1.yourcompany.com and dns2.yourcompany.com, etc.

Within you DNS records, you will have MX records defined to point to your main Mail gateway for your domain and other gateways as well.

Also, you will define a Reverse DNS zone to point the IP address of these mail gateways to reflect the same fully qualified domain name of yourcompany.com

To check whether these settings are correct, from the command prompt, issue the following commands (Assuming your domain name is yourcompany.com):

nslookup    -q=ns    yourcompany.com

      This should show you all your DNS servers and their IPs

nslookup    -q=mx   yourcompany.com

      This should show you all you Mail Gateways and their IPs

Now, take the IPs shown from the 2 commands above, and issue the following command (assuming the IPs returned are IP1, IP2, IP3, IP4

nslookup    IP1
nslookup    IP2
nslookup    IP3
nslookup    IP4

The commands above should return back something like dns1.yourcompany.com and mail.yourcompany.com, or something similar.

If it fails or the result does not look similar to the actual domain you are using, then this is your problem and more details will be needed to fix the problem depending on what the errors are.

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hartekarAuthor Commented:
HI, I contacted our OSP and theyu set up a reverse DNS entry and it is all working fine now.

Thanks for all your help
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