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How to automatically process email in Plone (use procmail?)

One of my client wants to be able to have an email address on my Plone box where people can send documents and they get automatically loaded into Plone with the appropriate meta-data.
I know procmail used to let me programmatically handle incoming email.
Can you provide some sample procmail script to achieve this or any other known way in Plone?
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Gabriel OrozcoSolution Architect
take a look to EmailInPlone, MailBoxer, PloneMailBoxer and all the email to plone tools here:


Hi Redimido,
Many thanks for your email. I already know about this link. If you click on the 'EmailInPlone' link (or for that matter any of the above you mentioned) on that page... it says page not found.
I usually come to Experts-Exchange after exhausting the usual options.
As you can see if you poke about a bit at svn.plone.org, all those "collective" things are still there, it's just the guys links that are wrong....:-).
You could look at http://dev.plone.org/collective/browser/EmailInPlone/trunk as an example, or browse all available via http://dev.plone.org/collective/browser ... really handy. Look at http://dev.plone.org and you'll find out how to check out individual parts (they tell you what subversion client to use, how to do it etc:-).
Clearly the redirect/cname/whatever they did .... wasn't enough to preserve the function of "old links":/.

-- Glenn

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