ISAPI Rewrite - Regular Expression help

I will try and explain my setup as the best I can so you can get an understanding of the system I need to put in place. I have a large website powered by an Asp.Net CMS I built. The website is accessed using urls with the following syntax:

http://<some domain>/content.aspx?ID=1&ParentID=0&MicrositeID=1&Page=1&AlternateURL=<some path here>

The website can also be accessed using http://<some domain 2>/content.aspx?ID=10&ParentID=2&MicrositeID=4&Page=1&AlternateURL=<some path here>

What I need is to rewrite the URLs using ISAPI Rewrite so that when the user clicks a link like the above,  IIS actually shows the user the AlternateURL value in the browser address bar and the querystring values but loads the true content still

I need the querystring pairs as our dynamic flash loader uses these to work out which flash content to load for that ID.

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clearchannelConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I have gone back to HeliconTech directly as they are the only people who can help me.
I'll suggest you to contact helicon tech support at as they are the best people who can help you with correct rule as per your requirement.

clearchannelAuthor Commented:
As there is no answer for this questiona nd heliontech are the only people who can help me this quesiton should be closed and refunded :)
Did you try their forums ?
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