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Error saving Word documents

Error below. I've looked up a microsoft KB article but this is only for Office 2000/2003 plus it states that it is a problem with a vsp.sys (veritas backup) file which doesn't exist on the client.

Also, the user could not open documents in the same folder afterwards, it said that the file could not be found. Tested on my PC and i could access them fine.

Title: Microsoft Office Word
!  The save failed due to out of memory or disk space.

Title: Microsoft Office Word
X  Word has insufficient memory.  Do you want to save document.doc as a
Rescued document 1?

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Are the files in a local folder or on a network drive?  I've seen a similar error when the network drops conenction and you are currently accessing a file on that networked drive.

Also, could the amount of available memory really be the problem on that system?  How much memory does that system have and how much memory is free at the time that file is "opened" (or attempted to be opened).
Issue was file specific. Think it was due to it containing a VBA form.

Converted it to 2007 word doc format with macros enabled and now it's fine. Wierd but don't have the time to worry about what caused it.


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