Far-fetched? Generating screen-shot of html page?

I'm not sure how far fetched my idea is, but wanted to see if anyone had any ideas about how to go about doing this.

I have a basic system which allows users to create simple html/css pages via some editing tool. It would be awesome to be able to provide miniture screen-shots of their created pages, which they could use for browsing their web site pages. Is there anyway to import html to some format from which i could create screen-shots? Does dreamweaver provide a way to create screen shots via some API?

Or is there some tool which i could use to convert the html into something which could be used by some other program in order to make a preview of the web page.

I would appreciate even none concrete responses, anything which sheds some light or points me in some vaguely right direction would be appreciated :)
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There is an online tool that grabs screenshots automatically and displays them as a hover image:

Cheap alternative

1) Pop up the web page
2) Ctrl PrintScreen to make a copy
3) Open up paint and paste
4) save it as a jpg

Snap is better in that it can do menus and transient popups.  The above method cannot handle menus or any transient popups.
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
Also look into


It appears that this can be done with Python.   Their source code is available.

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