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Login script running very late

We have a windows2003 domain controller. we have a logon scripts for user which runs once they logon to the PC.  one of the script is to map the required drive for users. But on one particular PC this mapping script runs very late. I mean this script runs after 5 to 10 mins after user is logged on. which is delaying the mapping of her drive. i tried renaming the local profile as well as roaming profile. But problem still persists. Can any one please let me know the solution?

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Sounds like there is something else (another script or program) TRYING to startup before
this script in the sequence, which is probably failing. Meaning it is repreatedly trying to start
but after a certain ammount of time fails, and then releases for the next script to run.

Do you have a lot of startup items or other scripts loading on this PC?


I guessed the same. i have cleared all the unwanted startup programs through msconfig utility.  not much scripts are running at the startup. is there any way to check what is running befor this script?


A info.. when i tried the task manager on the system where scripting is running late... under the process tab.. i found kix32.exe is taking more time to close.. would this give any idea for a solution?

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