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Maintenance plans for mirror setup

Hi all,

I know this questions might have bee asked sevelar times before but I have searched over and over agagin and I cant find a solution for it.

Anyway, here it goes:

I have a few databases configured for mirroring and I want to configure maintenance plans for them. Now, the plan should of course only run on the principal server but how can I make this happen after a failover?
Is it possible to set up the maintenance plans on both principal and mirror server and then only have them executed on the principal.

I want this to happen automatically. If for example the databases fail over automatically during the night I want to be sure that after failover the transaction logs are still backed up.

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First you must script all the maintenance jobs, replace server name with mirror and apply them in disabled state. Next you should make another job on mirror constantly if your database is in ONLINE state via databasepropertyex. If it is, it must have been set as online in failover process. If it occurs, just enable maintenance jobs with sp_update_job proc in msdb.

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