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What is the use of .mspx pages and how can it be implemented

jitheshar asked
What is the use of .mspx pages. how it can be implemented.

is .mspx page act as a template and we load .aspx pages with in the .mspx page.
 if so how it can be achieved.

if possible please give a small sample with code.
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It is the one of functioanlities of ASP.NET worker process. In ASP:NET you can create your own ISAPI extension and handle that type of request by creating a HttpHandler for that extension. And define it inside web.config file. for example like mspx, you can also typechange the worker process behaviour for xls type  files. In stead of displaying it inside browser or downloading it, you can directly process that file and reproduce another page .


thanks for the response.
is it possible to provide sample code, which help me a lot...
What do you want exactly? Do you want to create your own extension and handle it by ASP.NET?
If yes,
check this link



thankyou monarch.. that  help me a lot...

can u help me with the sample code for reproducing xls or pdf files as web pages.
i mean what u have mentioned in the pervious comment.

thanks a lot

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