Sharepoint DNS

How do I enter in to DNS so that when inside my domain when I type in http://sharepoint1 into a browser I get the above webpage?
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jar3817Connect With a Mentor Commented:
First, you can't map a url to a domain name. You can have sharepoint1 map to, but not to To do this you simply open up the control panel on the dns server and add a host record (A).

Second, if this machine is part of a domain, you should be able to reach it using the computer name given to the server. If that is a different name than "sharepoint1", you'll have to manually add it to DNS, if the name is the same, you might have problem with your dns/active directory setup.

pghzooitAuthor Commented:
can it be done through IIS?
It can, but are there other websites on that server?
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rvthostConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sure, the homepage for the web server can be set to redirect to /home/default.aspx.  Here is a reference link:
pghzooitAuthor Commented:
rvthost ,
Sounds good but I still want to be able to access it from the current way.

Maybe I need this explained better, I dont really work with IIS much.
pghzooitAuthor Commented:
We have not found a solution for this yet, however since we have not had the time to invest in fixing it, I am going to close this question to make the EE gods happy, and open a new question later.
Thanks for your help all.
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