Outlook Address Book View for Entire Company

Hi All,
I need a way to get everyone in the company's Outlook Address Book to display the same way.  Here is what is needed
1. Name
2. Business Phone
3. Email
4. Office
5. Title
6. Address
7. Company

How can I do this?  I would really like to avoid walking to each individual PC (if it can even be done that way).  I would like it so that even new users have this done already
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jsctechyAuthor Commented:
This isn't what I'm looking for.  When the user clicks on the 'TO' button, and the GAL is displayed to choose the users, I need it in a certain format.  Not if you click 'properites' of the user.  Do you know how I can get that done?
Nope, I don't think that is possible:
 Look at this link

This shows that it is hardcoded and cannot be changed...
There is a last comment in the same link where a expert says it is possible.Just try if this works...

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jsctechyAuthor Commented:
if this is hardcoded in Outlook, shouldn't it changable from Exchange?  I see my outlook (different domain) looks good.  The problem domain (different organization) looks rediculous, no email address, only the AD(LDAP) email is displayed.
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