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How do you connect a blackberry pearl to an exchange 2003 server email address

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Last Modified: 2012-06-21
I have a new user who would like to use his BlackBerry Pearl to connect to our exchange server. First I do not know if it is supported and need to know what to check. I believe we do not have the pop server enabled . Our sales reps use outlook through RPC over HTTP.
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Perls aer not supported. What we do is forward all email to the persons blackberry web email address as well as their exchange mailbox.

Or you can get a blackberry server.
we have to do the same for Palms.
when you got a blackberry enterprise server you can forward the mail to the pearl.

You can download the express version for free and get 1 licence free.

All you have to do is create a new SMTP contact in AD with the email address of the blackberry.  Then forward all mail to the blackberry contact and choose the option to deliver messages to both forwarding address and mailbox.

The only problem with this is the two don't sync up.  When you delete an email on the blackberry it does not delete it in the exchange mailbox.  That is where the blackberry enterprise server comes into play.


How do I find the email address of the blackberry?
The solution that pghzooit describes is only valable when you are a BIS subscriber.  (then the BB has an email adress)

When you use the BES (Blackberry enterprise server) you have a full sync between the exchange mailbox and the BB

What cell phone provider do you use?


It is currently through ATT, sorry for the shortage of information but I have never dealt with a BB and it was just shown to me this morning.

Go to https://att.blackberry.com/

You will create a new user and they will give you a username and blackberry email address there....
The email will be something like username@att.blackberry.net

When creating an account they will ask you for the IMEI and PIN of the blackberry, so it is best to have the device with you when you register.


Will the user be able to respond to emails?
yes, the user can reply to emails. you can set the reply to email to whatever you want...the blackberry email or the exchange email...i reccommend the exchange email as the reply to.

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