Lotus Notes 6.5 Email Quotas - but some clients replicate

We've had quotas enabled for some time now, but purposely set it so that we will always accept new email for a user and never deny due to database size.  We send the automatic "reminder" emails to users everyday when they approach their quota warning and again after they exceed their quota.  Once exceeded, standard users cannot add to their mail database, such as calendar entries or save sent emails.  This works well to keep users under quota.  

However, users that replicate their mail database seem free to exceed their quota.  They can create calendar entries and save sent emails all they want since it's a local replica.  Besides the annoying the emails they get saying they are over quota, they have no other motivation to cleanup so we now have users that are 9x the quota.  Is there a better way enforce quota for users that replicate?

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Since you cn not define hard quotas, you need to find an administrative/ Policy solution that will deprive the user of money or privlidges or inentify them via other means.

Grounds for dismissal  if they are above the Quota for more than 45 days is always a good start.


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rvthostAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the feedback.
Please clarify what Domino version you are using.

The possible solution would be to set replicatiors to obey the quotas.  

Another solution would be to set quotas on the local replicas as well. This can be done via script, transparent for the users. Please let me know which way seems to be more useful for your environment and what version of the Domino and Notes client you are using and I will provide you more details
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rvthostAuthor Commented:
Interesting!  I'll get this question reopened.  

Domino is 6.5.5, clients are at 6.5.4.  I am strictly a network guy and can administer the system but I am not a Domino developer, so the first option sounds the easiest to me.  However, we have Domino guys on staff that I could utilize for the scripting option so I'm open to either option.  Perhaps you can describe the user experience...I would like the users to realize when something fails, just as it would for users that don't replicate.  (e.g.  I don't want replication to just fail since that could take some time for the users to realize it).
The notes.ini setting Repl_Obeys_Quotas=1 will tell replicator to obey the quota

The scripting option is fairly simple.  In the mail database open event you add a code that would do following:
- check if this mail file replica is on the server
   -  if replica is on the server, check if there is quota on the mail file
   -  if there is a quota set on the mail file, check mail file user profile within the database and save quota information within this profile if it is not already there.
- if replica of the mail file is on local machine
   - check if mail file user profile has quota information
   - if quota information is in the profile, check mail file quota settings and update them if needed.

rvthostAuthor Commented:
Very nice, thanks.  If I opt for the quick notes.ini setting, does replication just fail?  Or does it respect quotas enough to disallow new writes to the database like it would if accessed directly from the server?  
the replication only fails on "writing"  or "push" documents part, you can still "read" or "pull"
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