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Add tabs on home page

acaassurance asked
Hello, I  locked down the home page, but be I need to be able to add additional tabs. I used group policy to assign a specific home page, but users are complaining that they are o longer able to add additional tabs in ie7. What can I do to to lock the home and add additional tabs?  Can this be done?
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Try putting a blank entry on a new line in the home page list, such as



Am I putting this url in group policy?
I've tried but the home page is still locked and I'm not able to add tabs.

Actually, let's clarify what you are trying to do.  Do you want to have multiple home pages (one on each tab) assigned by GPO, or just allow tabbed browsing so the users can add additional tabs?

The former, actually, I can not find a way to do so. I thought you could add multiple URLs (User Config|Admin Templates|IE -> Disable changing home page settings), separated by a delimiter, but such is not the case (or I haven't found the right delimiter.)

For the latter, make sure Tabbed Browsing is enabled (User Config|Admin Templates|IE -> Turn off tabbed browsing).


Actually if I could have them add multiple home pages, that would be great.
What I want to do is assign a home page and also have them be able to add additional urls.
Ah, you can't force a home page and have them set others.  I'm still searching for a multiple home page solution via GPO.

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